Park Bridge Innovative Development for St Helier Waterfront, Jersey, Channel Islands, UK


Park Bridge Innovative Development for St Helier Waterfront, Jersey, Channel Islands, UK

A sloping park rises up to bridge the main esplanade road connecting Jersey’s historic city to the new waterfront developments and the Jersey’s main pedestrian and cycle route to the West of the island.

The design creates a literal intersection and a dynamic, multi-layered amenity for both sides of St Helier.

The bridge acts as a metaphor establishing a civic expression of democracy connecting and celebrating the physical and cultural histories.

The park bridge is both a crossing and a place.

It functions as a gateway to both sides of St Helier, a lookout point with expansive views, and a public park where the two paths meet.

Park-Bridge-Esplanade-Quarter-St-Helier-waterfront-Jersey-architects-4 Park-Bridge-Esplanade-Quarter-St-Helier-waterfront-Jersey-architects-8 Park-Bridge-Esplanade-Quarter-St-Helier-waterfront-Jersey-architects-1Park-Bridge-Esplanade-Quarter-St-Helier-waterfront-Jersey-architects-7  Park-Bridge-Esplanade-Quarter-St-Helier-waterfront-Jersey-architects-10 Park-Bridge-Esplanade-Quarter-St-Helier-waterfront-Jersey-architects-3 Park-Bridge-Esplanade-Quarter-St-Helier-waterfront-Jersey-architects-5 Park-Bridge-Esplanade-Quarter-St-Helier-waterfront-Jersey-architects-6

Design work by Jersey and Cardiff architects Socrates Associates


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